Client Service

The way a company services it's Clients can be a true differentiator and the value which attracts and keeps them.


We can help you understand your Client Journey and what truly makes a difference to your Client base, not just what you think you can do well.


Who are your Clients and what do they look like - we can help you define your Client Personas and establish their required services. 


The Client journey looks at the key phases in the Client's interaction with your company, from pre-sales, contracting, onboarding, normalisation of service, issue handling, issue management, Client exits and Client returns. it is essential that your whole business understand their contribution to the client Service and how your company are perceived. All parts of a business contribute in some way, not always directly. Success comes from an understanding of this contribution and a focus on delivering the best possible outcome for your Clients.


We can also help you define and apply tiering and Service Packages. This is critical for growth, while managing your Clients expectations.


Client interviews can be a valuable way to assess your service offering. While and NPS survey will give you metrics around elements of the service, the true value is the textural feedback. Matter can provide an objective 3rd party service, with the opportunity to collect anonymous feedback.