Business Process Analysis




The financial services industry faces some unique challenges. Today's unpredictable markets and constantly changing regulatory and compliance requirements mean there's an essential need for a more flexible approach to business processes.


Our industry experts fully understand the complexity of operational change management. Which is why we use our structured methodology to assess your business process and help you quickly identify any changes you need to make.


Our Business Process consultancy offers tailored expert analysis and effective operating strategies. Our services are designed to pinpoint waste, simplify routine processes and create stronger platforms to support regulatory compliance - helping you to reduce costs and improve efficiency across the whole business process.


This typically takes the form of a 3 stage process:


  1. Comprehensive end to end analysis of the process, identifying inefficiency and risk.
  2. Process optimisation design - including detailed maps and how the touch points affect up/down stream processes and stakeholders
  3. Implementation of change required for defined optimisation